How to Apply to a Medical School in the USA

How to Apply to a Medical School in the USA

A medical career in the United States is a path that guarantees consistent employment with high wages and a highly respected profession. However, this path is not easy and, depending on the specialty, can take from 11 to 16 years. It is difficult even for local students to enroll in a US medical school. For foreigners, the task becomes much more complicated – the competition for each place in the medical school is very high.

What the educational route looks like for those receiving medical education in the USA

Medical education includes several stages

Studying in the US undergraduate program is a prerequisite for admission to medical school. In addition to American universities, Canadian universities are suitable for this, but with a European diploma, the road to most medical schools will be closed. During your studies, you must receive a certain number of credits in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics. In natural science subjects, it is imperative to study not only theoretical but also applied for laboratory courses.

If you do not have enough credits, you can study on a special preparatory program Pre-med. Many people choose it even if they have all the necessary loans – according to statistics, Pre-med graduates are much more often invited to the desired medical schools.

This is followed by a medical school, where students study theory for two years and practice for the next two years.

Then comes the stage of residency, which students undergo at one of the clinics. The duration of training depends on the specialization and can range from three to eight years. The final stage is Fellowship: practice in the clinic, which takes a year or two.

MCAT exam for US medical school applicants

Every medical school applicant in the United States must pass the MCAT (the Medical College Admission Test) exam. This is a computer test, consisting of four sections, each of which will take about an hour and a half.

In addition to knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry, future doctors are assessed for logical thinking, reading and information analysis skills, and the ability to make independent decisions.

Every year, more than 50 thousand people in the United States take MCAT in the United States – the population of a small town. And only 45% of them then begin their education in medical schools.

Important documents for applicants to medical universities in America

In addition to a bachelor’s degree and an MCAT result, for admission to medical school, you will need:

  • motivation letter or essay;
  • letters of recommendation;
  • student’s resume (to some universities).

Since the competition in any American medical school is very high, these documents should not be taken as paper for show. Each line in them should draw the attention of the admissions committee to the applicant’s interest in medicine, high academic level and general erudition, hard work and other important qualities. It is better to ask the teachers for the relevant disciplines for recommendations.

Experience in medicine and volunteering for admission to US medical schools

Social work of the prospective student plays an important role in successful admission to American medical school. In particular, upon admission, it is necessary to provide evidence of participation in volunteer programs.

Health-related volunteering will be particularly important: for example, volunteering at a local clinic or nursing home. Participation in volunteer projects should be taken care of in advance, even during your undergraduate studies. In addition to the important lines in the resume, it will help the student himself understand whether he is ready to devote himself to medicine.

Applying to a medical school in the USA with Allterra Education

Even an impeccably executed package of documents, alas, does not guarantee an applicant a place in a US medical school. But insufficient attention to the various stages of admission will almost inevitably lead to failure.

During the consultation, Allterra Education specialists will help you choose the most suitable medical educational institutions and draw up a step-by-step admission plan so as not to miss anything. We will also assist in the preparation of documents.

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