Stopping Facebook cost Zuckerberg $ 6 billion

Stopping Facebook cost Zuckerberg $ 6 billion

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg lost $ 6 billion in a matter of hours due to the shutdown of Facebook’s social media.

This is shown in the Forbes ranking in real-time, prepared by Markets Insider.

Zuckerberg was the sixth richest person in the world with a fortune of 116.8 billion dollars. The billionaire’s assets fell 4.8%, or $ 5.9 billion, hours after Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp stopped.

The company’s shares (and therefore its capitalization) immediately began to fall to a low of $ 323.65 from $ 340.19 the day before. The shares closed the auction at $ 327.5 (-4.52%).

Now the ranking of the richest people is headed by the founder of Tesla, Musk ($ 201.2 billion), according to which are located the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos ($ 186.6 billion), and Bernard Arnault and his family ($ 173.3 billion).

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