How to Get Admission World Top Universities: Plan and Steps

How to Get Admission World Top Universities: Plan and Steps

Admission to a British or American university can be a difficult process for a foreigner. Let’s see how to simplify it.

In the case of the UK, the main difficulty is related to the academic difference: the British have been in school for 12 years, and we have 11.

It will provide the necessary academic base and bring English to the level of IELTS 7.0.

You can enter a bachelor’s degree in the United States immediately after the 11th grade of a Russian school, but here the high entrance requirements can turn out to be difficult: the same level of English, the grade point average (GPA), and sometimes the SAT exam, which American high school students take.

Special programs for international students help to cope with such difficulties. But the best solution would be a two-year high school preparatory program in the US or UK.

You can get such training in one of the best British private schools: Oxford International College, which specializes in preparing foreign students for admission to Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and other famous universities. The school campuses are located in Oxford, London, Cambridge and Brighton.

Why do we recommend paying attention to Oxford International College?

1. The highest A-Levels results (the British analog of the Unified State Examination) in England: 98% A * -A, which since 2019 puts the college in first place in the Daily Telegraph School League and Independent School League Table rankings.

2. High percentage of admission to top universities:

  • 62% of successful admissions to the London School of Economics;
  • 85% successful admission to University College London;
  • 100% admission to the best medical schools in the UK.

3. The opportunity to prepare for admission not only to the UK but also to the USA (Ivy League), Singapore and other countries of the world.

4. Strategic approach to the issue of admission: the school helps with the choice of the most competitive disciplines, prepares for writing a motivation letter, entrance tests and interviews, makes it possible to prepare a rich portfolio.

5. Excellent residences: all rooms are single, with their own bathroom.

6. Career orientation of the college: already at school, the student is given knowledge not only for future studies at the university but also for the future profession.

7. Tracking progress: every Saturday, students take small tests on the material covered, which helps to assess progress and understand in time if the student does not master the material.

8. Oxbridge Mentorship system: each student has his own mentor – a student of Oxford or Cambridge University. He helps with questions that relate to university life, admission and study.

9. Personal development of each student, because it is personal qualities that determine a successful career by 90%. Students are taught skills that they can later use both in their studies and in work: critical thinking, the ability to effectively lead and work in a team, the ability to communicate, set goals, etc.

Choosing a school to study abroad is no less important for a future career than choosing a university. Allterra Education specialists are ready to help you find the right school for your child in the UK or the USA, complete the necessary documents and supervise the entire admission process. Sign up for a free consultation.

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