How to prepare for admission to Oxford and Cambridge

How to prepare for admission to Oxford and Cambridge

Oxford and Cambridge have for many years been the benchmark of British education and the dream of future students. This dream can be turned into an achievable goal if the basic conditions of preparation are met. We will tell you how to prepare for admission to the best universities in the world, and whether this path can be simplified.

Competent preparation for any university of the top division includes several conditions, and the first of them is time. If you would like to leave for Oxford next autumn, then you are already too late: you need to plan your admission three or four years in advance. A certain amount of time must be set aside for any of the conditions of preparation, which we will now consider.

Timely program selection

Strictly speaking, you can’t just “go to Oxford”: there are 39 colleges in this university (and in Cambridge – 31). After graduating from any of these colleges, a graduate receives a university diploma, but there is no strict specialization in them, so you first need to choose the direction in which you want to get a profession, and then the curriculum. There are many directions and programs, it is easy to get confused, so at this stage, we recommend consulting with a specialist in studying abroad – he will help you make the right choice. A lot will depend on this choice: your career path, learning features, and for now – a list of entrance tests.

Deep knowledge

School-level exams are not enough to pass: you need to study in-depth, read additional literature on your future specialization, and participate in subject Olympiads. You can also find good courses on online learning platforms. At the same time, collect data about the university: get acquainted with its history and features, biographies of famous teachers and students.

Additional Achievements

Foreign universities appreciate applicants with extracurricular achievements: it’s great if you have experience in scientific projects, your own articles or inventions, the success of a leader if you won competitions or participated in conferences. All this will be very useful to you when applying and at an interview with the admissions committee.

Flawless package of documents

Everything here is simple and complicated at the same time: when applying, it is important not to lose anything and not miss the deadlines. An important point is the preparation of a motivation letter and portfolio (if required by applicants in your specialty). Both are a document that helps you see your personality, not just a set of numbers that characterize your success. Both a portfolio and a motivation letter cannot be done in haste, they must not only show you from the best side but also interest the selection committee.

High level of English

Not lower than 7-7.5 in IELTS. You should be able not only to explain yourself and understand the interlocutor but also to read educational literature in English, take notes, write essays. It also requires additional preparation from a tutor or language courses.

Right School

We have reached a point that can replace all the previous ones. In this case, “correctness” is a multifaceted concept, and the school you are currently studying in probably does not correspond to it.

High results are confirmed by statistics: in 2021, 77% of Bosworth graduates entered the top 30 universities in the UK. As well as the results of the A-Level exams: 61% – high and top marks (A * -A).

Bosworth Independent College offers programs for middle and high school students: from 13 to 19 years old. Now about 160 students study here, every second is a border (lives in a boarding house), and 69% of them are children from abroad.

Also, the guys enter the London School of Economics, University College London, King’s College London and other top universities in the UK.

From 2016 to 2021, 68 students study in medical specialties: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences. A set of measures helps the school to achieve such results:

  • a personal selection of the program and preparation for the university;
  • support in choosing a university, individual work with a student;
  • a system of tutors who support children and work with each individually;
  • the small class size (just more than students of 10);
  • motivational tours to universities, including Russel Group Universities, Oxford and Cambridge.

In addition to excellent academic preparation, Bosworth Independent College offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and activities: creativity, music, travel around the UK, volunteering and first work experience, etc.

A British school with a high reputation is a great start for those who want to graduate from one of the best universities. If you dream of enrolling in Oxford, Cambridge or any other university in the world, seek advice from Allterra Education specialists.

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