Where to Study Law Abroad

Where to Study Law Abroad

Protection of rights and interests, compliance with the law, disputes, and litigation – all this is impossible without a lawyer. This profession is one of the most popular and in-demand in any country, so a good lawyer always has a chance for a brilliant career. Which universities train lawyers abroad and what applicants need to prepare for, we will tell in this article.

Why study law abroad?

First of all, this is necessary for those who plan to work in international companies or in the field of international law. The advantage of foreign universities is that they are practice-oriented: students receive not only up-to-date knowledge but also the opportunity to train, including in international organizations – the WTO, the European Commission, etc. Having received a diploma, graduates already have experience in the profession and are ready to get to work.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, abroad you can improve your qualifications by completing a master’s or postgraduate program or getting a specialization in another field of law.

How much do lawyers earn abroad?

Of course, the salary largely depends on experience and place of work – whether the specialist is engaged in private practice or is employed, is part of the staff of a small firm or a large corporation.

The average salary for a lawyer in the United States in 2021 is $3,846 per month. The cities where such professionals earn the most are New York (a lawyer earns an average of $12,057 per month), Austin, Texas ($8,793), and Los Angeles, California ($6,744).

In the UK, lawyers earn more, with an average of £3,615 per month. In terms of salaries, the best British cities to practice law are London (a lawyer earns an average of £5,313 per month), Bristol (£3,852), and Birmingham (£3,486).

What training does a future lawyer need?

Jurisprudence is a field with many specializations. A banking lawyer and a lawyer have completely different jobs! But still, there are qualities and skills necessary for all specialists in jurisprudence:

  • honesty and integrity,
  • analytical thinking,
  • discipline and organization
  • eloquence and communication skills
  • broad vision,
  • ability to organize information
  • good memory,
  • attention to details.

Lawyers have to do a lot of routine work – compose and analyze documents, and write official papers. At the same time, in their profession, there is a place for both creativity and risk. You have to work in multitasking mode, and maintain equanimity in critical situations.

In the first year, future lawyers get acquainted with the basics of the profession, study the law of the country of study, and international law. Further, there will be specialization and a wide range of courses in this direction.

The bachelor’s program usually lasts three years (or four, taking into account the internship), the same amount is the master’s degree.

Legal education with Allterra Education

It is worth considering that excellent education in the field of law is provided not only by universities of the highest legion. Many worthy universities do not get into the world rankings because they emphasize practical training and do not concentrate on science. The best program in the field that interests you may be offered by a small and little-known university. Therefore, when choosing a university, it is imperative to consult with an expert.

Allterra Education specialists will help you choose the right university and program, as well as take care of the paperwork and prepare you for admission.

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