Media and communications abroad: Training and Prospects

Media and communications abroad: Training and Prospects

Media and communications remain one of the “eternal” professional areas, along with medicine, pedagogy or construction. And although there are always enough representatives of this sphere on the labor market, first-class specialists can count on high wages and interesting projects. We will tell you why it is worth studying media and communications abroad, and where such specialists are trained.

What is included in the training program?

The main task of such a program is to give a comprehensive understanding of the principles of the modern media and knowledge about information technologies, to teach students to think critically and to approach tasks creatively.

The courses involve a lot of theory, but you can’t do without practice in the study of media and communications. Future journalists, advertising and public relations specialists must acquire many professional skills at the university, and this requires internships.

New media

In recent years, a new media format has been actively developing: digital media, whose operating principles are very different from traditional publications and television products. Accordingly, the requirements for specialists who form content, promotion and advertising concepts are changing. When choosing a university for education in media and PR, look for universities that offer training for new media professionals.

Career prospects

Graduates of programs in the field of media and communications are engaged in journalism, marketing, work in television or radio, and advertising agencies. One of the strengths of these professionals is their wide range of versatile skills. For example, a journalist might start a publishing career, pursue it on television, and then focus on PR.

A diploma from a foreign university further expands the opportunities for implementation in the communications industry. With it, you will be able to work in international companies, build a career abroad or create strong competition at home – even simply thanks to a wealth of experience.

Where media and communications specialists are trained

The most professional and cited media today are produced in the United States and Europe, and the new media industry is also actively developing abroad. The choice of universities is very large: some interpret the concept of communications very broadly and train universal specialists, others provide “combined” education.

For example, the University of Dortmund in Germany, in addition to journalism, has a program for science journalists: it includes natural and technical disciplines. The Spanish Universidad Carlos III de Madrid offers majors in Economics and Journalism, Law and Journalism.

IULM University was founded in the mid-1980s by the Higher School of Translators and at first trained only linguists, but today it is a multidisciplinary university: foreign languages, theory and technology of communication, public relations, journalism, tourism, promotion of cultural events are studied here.

It was at IULM that the first communication and PR training program in Italy was created, and now there are several research centers – for example, a neuromarketing center, where the emotions of a modern audience are analyzed. The university cooperates with 150 universities around the world, has 1400 partners among companies. It is important that IULM has a system of scholarships and grants for undergraduate and graduate students, thanks to which even a foreign student can receive a discount on tuition of up to 50%.

Study Media and Communication Abroad with Allterra Education

Media and communications is a highly competitive field, especially for those planning to pursue a career abroad. Its first step should be a good university with a suitable study program, which we recommend choosing with the help of a higher education specialist. Allterra Education consultants can help you plan your preparation and university entrance abroad and take the first step towards the profession of your dreams.

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