Scientists are developing a platform for creating composite materials

Scientists are developing a platform for creating composite materials

Specialists of the NTI Center “Digital Materials Science: New Materials and Substances” N.Ye. Bauman has created a platform with which it will be possible to create composite materials with predictable properties. The platform will help create a “digital twin” with improved and competitive characteristics, and the development cost is several times less.

The software for the new platform includes a composite materials database, which stores information about components, as well as a special algorithm based on artificial intelligence. It allows you to create or select the required material, predicting the properties of the future product.

Artificial intelligence analyzes the data and suggests the best option for the user. “Our digital engineering support platform has two approaches: analytical and experimental.

Analytical implies the use of fundamental scientific knowledge, already established relationships between substances, experimental allows you to collect and process the data obtained, conduct a large number of experiments with them, which ultimately gives a result in predicting properties, ”said the director of the Competence Center of the NTI MSTU. N.E. Bauman Vladimir Nelyub.

The base of materials is constantly updated. Smart Design and Smart Manufacturing technologies embedded in the software enable digital design, mathematical modeling, and product and product lifecycle management. In addition, these same technologies help to provide high production flexibility, quick changeover, and scalability according to different criteria.

Our development will allow us to immediately solve specific problems of end-users. For example, we significantly reduce the cost of production and testing of prototypes, as a result – we reduce the cost of development by tens and hundreds of times, reduce the risk of errors when creating new materials or modifying existing ones, constantly update information on new developments in the field of composite materials components and their modes. treatment. All this allows us to maintain the scientific and technical level of specialists, organizations, and developments.

The platform is still being finalized. The developers plan to release an alpha version of the program by the end of 2022.

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