Solar Module Manufacturer issues 40-year warranty for the first time

Solar Module Manufacturer issues 40-year warranty for the first time

There are two warranties for solar panels, two types: 1) a product warranty (against manufacturing defects), in English, it is called a product warranty and 2) a performance warranty.

The first type of warranty is specific to any product/goods that we purchase. This is a guarantee against breakage due to manufacturing defects. For solar panels, it is longer than the standard warranty periods for many other products. The usual, most common warranty period for solar modules is 10-12 years.

Until recently, the most common performance warranty for solar panels was 25 years at 80% original power/performance. But recently, more and more manufacturers have begun to switch to a 30-year warranty. For example, First Solar gives a 30-year warranty, according to which, after thirty years, the panel will retain at least 92% of its original performance.

This does not mean that the life of a solar panel ends after 30 years. No, it can work for 40 or 50 years, it’s just that the further degradation of the module is not described by the manufacturer in any way and is not associated with any obligations on his part.

Maxeon Solar Technologies, headquartered in Singapore, created by SunPower together with the Chinese Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., went furthest in its warranty obligations. (TZS).

The company announced that it is offering a unique 40/40 warranty for its IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) solar panels. That is a 40-year warranty against manufacturing defects (against breakage) and a 40-year performance warranty.

“SunPower Maxon’s new 40-year warranty is based on external field studies of over 33 million IBC panels deployed worldwide, extensive accelerated life testing by Maxeon and third parties, and the physical model that Maxeon uses to determine expected impact. on the performance of the main causes of degradation and failure, ”said the manufacturer.

According to the company, its IBC modules have a minimum guaranteed performance of 98% during the first year of operation, followed by a maximum annual degradation of 0.25% over the next 39 years. “The result is an unprecedented guaranteed power level of 88.3% at the end of the 40th year, which means that Maxeon IBC panels provide 9.5% more energy in 40 years than standard solar panels in 25 years,” it also says. message.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the longest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry,” adds Jeff Waters, CEO of Maxeon Solar Technologies. “We have spent over 35 years perfecting the patented cell and panel design of our IBC technology, and this has given us confidence that our panels will last more than 40 years in the field.”

Module degradation has long been overlooked as a major impediment to solar energy development, but progress in extending the productive life of solar panels is making the industry even more efficient.

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