Training to become a programmer in the USA

Training to become a programmer in the USA

Digital technologies have penetrated almost all spheres of activity, so the profession of a programmer will remain among the most demanded and highly paid ones for a long time. Many talented young men and women choose to study programming in the USA, rightly counting on quality education and a chance to get a job in one of the world’s IT corporations. What does that require? Let’s find out how to enter an American university as a programmer.

IT specialties in the United States are in third place in terms of demand among students, and a large proportion of applicants choosing this direction are foreigners.

The study of computer technology involves many specializations, from classic software development to cybersecurity, cryptography and artificial intelligence. In the process of studying, the student independently chooses the disciplines that are most interesting to him. The training is based on the alternation of lectures, laboratory classes and independent work, which allows you to get thorough theoretical training and consolidate the knowledge gained in practice. Obviously, the better the material base of the university, the wider its possibilities in disclosing the abilities of each individual student.

Conditions of admission

Requirements for applicants in different educational institutions may differ from each other, therefore, to obtain an accurate list, you must contact a specific university. Here is an approximate list of documents:

Application form, or application. Served in both paper and electronic form. Many universities offer online filling.

Transcript. Extract of grades received during study at school or at a previous university. In addition to a certified copy of the certificate, a translation of the document is submitted. Often, universities require an evaluation of the diploma: a certified translation with a list of subjects and an indication of the average grade (GPA). If your studies at a school, college or university have not yet been completed, you must submit your grades for the last semester.

SAT. Standard tests for high school graduates in the United States can be taken online. This is a test of knowledge in basic subjects and writing a short essay.

Language certificate – TOEFL or IELTS (usually require TOEFL). The minimum score depends on the university.

Financial guarantees. This is an obligation to pay a certain amount for the entire period of study, as well as a document confirming its existence: a bank statement, a list of family assets, etc.

Motivation letter. A small amount of written work is done in English. In it, the student tells why he chose such a specialty, what goals he plans to achieve after training, etc. The task of such a letter is to attract attention and arouse the sympathy of the admissions committee.

Recommendations. They are written by teachers of a school or university in a free form: they talk about the positive qualities of the student, his achievements, strengths.

Application fee – receipt of transfer to the university account of the application fee: the amount charged for the study of the submitted documents.

Simultaneous submission of applications to several educational institutions is allowed. Documents are submitted subject to three deadlines:

  • from September 15 to November 31, inclusive, is the most favorable period, since at this time the university receives the minimum number of applications. The answer comes in December;
  • December 1 to February 28 is a popular period among US applicants. The answer comes in mid or late spring;
  • spring and summer. The chances of admission are minimal, but there is a possibility that some places will be vacated if enrolled students choose other universities.

Having received an official invitation to study, you can apply to the US consulate to obtain a visa. It is advisable to have at least six months in stock before arriving at the university.

Popular specialties

Most often, Russian applicants, entering the United States for IT, choose the following areas:

Software & Network. Specializing in network software, the student studies the organization of the interaction of a group of computers: software products intended for the organization and use of computing clusters, design and maintenance of corporate networks, process automation, etc.

Web Development. This includes the development of the interface and the server-side of the sites. This is the most popular area today, which includes the study of working with databases, configuring servers, security technologies, web programming languages ​​and interpreters, frameworks and libraries. A good job for a skilled web programmer can be found anywhere in the world.

Computer Systems. This direction unites the architecture of computer systems, technical and software means of information security, diagnostic and testing tools, cluster and distributed systems. Students study the structure of computer systems and methods for ensuring their performance, mathematical logic and its application in the design of modern electronic circuits, the possibilities and methods of building intelligent systems, and much more.

Computer Graphics. A unique direction that combines a powerful technical base and the flair of a real artist. Students study methods of creating and processing computer images, algorithms and methods of rasterization, matrix transformations, hardware and software tools for creating graphic images, etc.

The IT industry is developing rapidly, new specialties and directions appear in it almost every year. A flexible system of teaching programming in the USA allows each student to independently form their curriculum and choose the most relevant disciplines.

Cost of education

The tuition fee for a programmer in the United States is quite high: in private universities, it is $ 30-50 thousand a year, in public universities – $ 15-25 thousand. The amount depends not only on the form of ownership but also on the position of the university in the ranking of educational institutions.

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