President’s Grant for Study Abroad: Global Education Program

President’s Grant for Study Abroad: Global Education Program

Allterra Education is a certified partner of the Program. We provide advice on participation in the Program and admission to foreign universities.

“Global education” in numbers

  • 2014 – 2025 – Program duration
  • at least 718 people will become scholars of the Program
  • 3 levels of study – master’s, postgraduate, residency – and 32 specialties in which you can get an education at the expense of the budget.
  • 2,763,600 rubles per year – the maximum grant that a winner can receive. If the duration of the program is 2 or 3 years, the amount increases accordingly.
  • 288 universities from 32 countries were included in the list of leading foreign educational organizations where you can study.
  • 550 Russian organizations participate in the Program as potential employers. These are the leading institutions of medicine, education, high-tech industrial companies.
  • The term of study abroad must be at least 1 year and not more than 3 years.

Scholarships to Study Abroad Funded by the Budget

The idea of ​​the project in our country arose quite a long time ago and belongs to the Russians – Harvard graduates. Since 2011, the Program has been supervised by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

In December 2013, Vladimir Putin signed a decree “On measures to strengthen the human resources of the Russian Federation”, where the project received official status, and the government – the task to work out the working conditions of the Program. The main provisions of the Program are contained in the Government decree “On measures of social support for Russian citizens who independently enrolled in leading foreign educational organizations” dated June 20, 2014. The document contains the goals and objectives of the Program, conditions, and algorithms for its implementation. The operator of the Program is the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management.

The goal of the project is to prepare highly qualified specialists for the needs of priority sectors of the economy, science, industry, and the social sphere.

Many countries of the world have the experience of sending their citizens to study at foreign universities with the subsequent return to their homeland. China is leading in this regard, where up to 30% of students are sent to study abroad in Europe and the United States. Brazil has a large-scale project Science Without Borders (Ciências em Fronteiras), in which about 100,000 students can study abroad in programs in science, technology, mathematics, and the arts. An international scholarship “Bolashak” has been operating in Kazakhstan since 1993 – over 20 years, 10346 citizens of the country have been trained in leading foreign universities at the expense of the budget.

Who can take part in the Program?

  • The Program participant must be a citizen of the Russian Federation with higher education (no matter in which country).
  • The participant must enroll in one of the foreign universities participating in the Program, or already study there for a master’s degree, postgraduate study or residency.
  • The participant must be ready to return to Russia upon graduation and work for 3 years in one of the organizations included in the list established by the Government.
  • The Program participant must not have an outstanding criminal record.

How to participate in the Program?

The program runs from 2014 to 2025, during which time several competitive selections are held each year.

The main steps to participate in the Program:

  1. Enter a foreign university (or already study in it)
  2. Receive a document confirming enrollment
  3. Register your profile in the electronic queue on the Program website.

The conditions and procedure for the competitive selection can be found on the Program website in the “Candidate” section.

What costs can be covered by the Program grant?

  • Education;
  • Accommodation while studying;
  • Nutrition;
  • Purchase of textbooks;
  • Travel to the country of study and back;
  • Health insurance;
  • Bank fees.

What training programs can you choose?

Grants are available for graduate, postgraduate, or residency programs in specific areas of study.

  • The science
  • The medicine
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Social management

A complete list of all areas and specialties is available on the Program website.

The grant can be obtained only for the full-time program.

What training programs cannot be chosen?

  • Part-time and distance learning
  • Exchange programs
  • Simultaneous education in Russian and foreign universities
  • Internships
  • МВА and ЕМВА
  • Language classes
  • Pre-Master’s preparation courses.

What obligations does a participant of the Program have?

The main obligation of a participant who has received a grant is to study in good faith at a foreign university and, upon returning to Russia, to find a job in one of the recommended companies. If the participant leaves his studies of his own free will or refuses to return to Russia, he is obliged to return the funds paid to him and pay a fine equivalent to two times the value of the received grant.

Which employing companies are participating in the Program?

  • research universities;
  • medical institutions;
  • social institutions;
  • high-tech companies.

The list includes leading Russian companies, including Rostec, Rosatom, UAC, USC, UEC, RUSAL, SIBUR, etc. The ASI supervises the employment of young specialists after their return to Russia. You can download the list of employing organizations from our website or find detailed information on the Program website.

How Allterra Education can help you

We are a certified agency of the Global Education Program.

Our main advantages:

  1. We can help you with admission to any of the 288 universities on the approved list without restrictions.
  2. We work with free education programs (Germany, Finland, etc.).

Our services:

  • FREE CONSULTATIONS on participation in the Program in our office in St. Petersburg or by Skype;
  • Selection of universities and programs;
  • Preparation of the necessary documents;
  • Accompanying the entire enrollment process;
  • Certification of translations of documents into a foreign language;
  • Registration of a student visa.

Our agency conducts webinars on the Program and talks about the possibilities of participating in the project at exhibition events.

Our offices are located in Moscow 8 (495) 510-6445 and in St. Petersburg 8 (812) 313-6445. We work with all regions of the Russian Federation. 8 (800) 700-6435 (free call).

You can contact us by phone or send a message through the feedback form on the site.

Feel free to leave us your comment. It helps us understand what you like or don’t like.

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